Lisa Graves – Tiny Bakers and Hack Chefs

For the record we think being a hack chef is a good thing!

I’d like to preface this blog post/recipe by mentioning that I’m absolutely a hack chef. I throw meals together without measuring, I cook by right-braining the entire process and tossing a bit of this or that into the pan or pot. Nearly all meal experiments work out rather well when you cook this way – when you mix healthy doses of creativity and a good attitude about ‘happy accidents’, it’s actually quite fun to play with your food. However, I know this much to be true: Real.Baking.Is.Not.That.Way and so therefore, not really my forte. If you are a hardcore baker, this “recipe” might mindmelt you a little. Apologies. Xoxo

My kids are delightful little creatures: they like to eat things that are cute and fit in your hand. They like chocolate chips. They like to snack, they are a bit choosy with their protein sources, they want to be in the kitchen WITH me, doing the work. They are *always* hungry. We make a lot of muffins since they satisfy all the above mentioned ‘likes’ and I can get a dozen or two whipped up in 30mins or less, even with their help. 😉 Muffins are also very forgiving with measurements of ingredients, which is handy for tiny bakers and hack chefs. These chocolate banana muffins are one of our lunchbox staples and can be modified heaps of ways. Our school is nut free, so I make these safe to send for lunch, but as an after-school snack I might mix in almond flour, or a handful of walnuts… I play around a lot with ingredients and additions so they’re rarely the same twice. I also don’t add any additional sweeteners beyond what’s in the protein powders and chocolate chips, so I feel pretty good about these as a snack, and the carbs, fat and protein in them helps keep their little bodies energized throughout the afternoon at school!


Makes 18ish muffins.

1-1 ½ cups whole wheat flour (I’ve also used spelt, almond, GF blends…. )
2 scoops chocolate PharmaPure
1 scoop vanilla VeganPure
1 tsp baking powder
dash each of salt and cinnamon – we love generous dashes of cinnamon!
½ cup chocolate chips (or more to taste!)
hemp or chia seeds, ground flax seeds…great to add if you need more dry stuff or like more crunch in your muffins!

5-6 mashed bananas (I toss the overbrowned ones into my freezer then make a big batch when enough have collected–just defrost well first. Frozen ones are a bit more liquid-y, so you may need to fool around with the wet/dry ingredient ratio until you get to the right consistency)
2 eggs
½ cup melted coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla
¼ cup applesauce if you need a bit more wet. Optional if you don’t.

In separate bowls, mix the wet and the dry ingredients, then add together in one big bowl (I’m sure actual bakers have a much more refined process… but this works for the kids!). Once mixed, toss in a few handfuls of chocolate chips and stir a little. Don’t mix too much! Scoop into cupped or greased muffin tins to about 2/3 full. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 mins – they should feel springy still: I’ve found that overcooking is not a win for texture. Let cool and enjoy! Paper wrappers will stick to the muffins for the few hours but once they are properly cool, it’s an easier process. I often go paperless for that reason, as the kids want to eat them asap!

Enjoy and happy baking! ❤

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Jules Gorham – On cannonballing, nutrition in the dead of winter and a GOLD medal win!

When F2C asked me to write a blog post I of course said ‘OF COURSE!’ Writing is a daily exercise for me, anyone who follows me on social media can testify that I am a women of many words. I’m also an All-In type of women, meaning I can easily cannonball in, without checking the water temp first.  Yet writing about sports nutrition in the dead of a Canadian winter- not so easy.  I should have stepped outside for a temperature/ reality check before I got so excited about having a new blog deadline!!

I look at my own kitchen counter- it’s full of empty F2C bottles. Two are mine from yesterday. One is my husbands from his trainer ride. Two are my 11 year old’s from his hockey tournament, which they won!  If we’re training & playing outside, you are too! So here are some winter specific tips to help fuel the family, regardless of the deep freeze/ cyclone bomb/ snow dump outside.

I’m probably a good 8 weeks out from racing or riding outside, yet I need to be sure to not only have the best of me to give to every day of training but also to recover so that a season that started on Dec 1, 2017 doesn’t wear me out by Cyclocross Nationals 10 months later.

I keep it simple. I eat whole foods, and other than avocados and bananas, I tend to stick to what is in season right now. And I start each day with a scoopful of F2C Pharma-Greens, unflavoured.

F2C Greens not only make a major difference in my recovery, they alkalize my body immediately on wake-up! They also make me feel much better about the fact that there simply is not an abundance of healthy leafy greens available to me to eat right now. Green means GO!

For training I’m using a lot of Electro-Durance. Electro-Durance is a simple way to assure I’m replacing all the uber-important electrolytes I lose running & riding in the warmer climate of my protected garage. Electro-Durance has proven to my sensitive gut to have the most bio-available forms of essential minerals I need to perform & recover. F2C’s patented form of magnesium bisglycinate ensures the highest absorption rate, optimizing my energy production but also assuring my leg muscles push out the highest watts they can, interval after interval.

When I do venture outside for a XC-Ski adventure, a tiny scoop of those powerful 84 minerals also prevent my water from freezing so I can be sure to hydrate & replenish.

I could go on to tell you why I’m so in love with F2C’s Rehab 3:1 for recovery immediately after training, but I’m sure most are more interested in what my hockey boy is using to be a star defenseman, bringing home GOLD this past weekend!

Again, I keep it simple. I believe kids should have wiggle room in their diets, and certainly weekends are a time for pancakes and chocolate hazelnut spread in our house. To be sure my kiddo is ready for the intensity that is any hockey game in this hockey obsessed nation, he sips a bottle of 1 scoop of Glyco-Durance, mango flavour, in the car on the way to the arena. This gives him a quick but sustained release of glucose he’ll need on the ice.

After every game is a bottle of one scoop of Hydra-Durance, replenishing his electrolytes in the healthiest way and the yummy mango flavour ensuring that even when I’m not around he doesn’t even look at the vending machines full of sugary, neon blue concoctions.

F2C’s product line is deep! It’s an entire system if you really want to dive it to fine tune and nail your nutrition, but simple, if you just want to take it for one purpose at a time. Everyday health, pre-workout, during and post, from the easy days to the longest races where your own gold winning performance and gut happiness are on the line, F2C has it! The entire line of super effective, studied and tested products have proven to be safe for athletes at all levels to consume in and out of competition.  For my Dad out walking 18 holes, to the ITU World Championships, to youth athletes in any sport!!

Check them out! Shoot us a question if you have one!

Train safe, race hard, and trust F2C to fuel the journey!


All Things F2C

Blogging these days has become a thing. At F2C Nutrition our thing is nutrition, clean, high quality, athlete focused science driven nutrition to be exact. Our journey as a brand has taken us to many countries, many events and to many communities. When we connect and interact with our community, our Pros, Ambassadors, Teams, Clubs, and athletes, we love hearing their stories, their triumphs, their obstacles and their things. We wanted a way to share with our community these stories, these nuggets of advice, these things.

So we have arrived, here at blog post numero uno, la premier, #1, ready to share All Things F2C.