Are you in a slump?

F2C Elite Athlete Sarah McMillan discusses how to strengthen your shoulders and backside.

Slumped over your desk, slumped over your bike, slumped over your run, slumped over your swim stroke. As triathletes we have a tendency to be…..well….kind of slumped over! Natural part of our sport, as everything is movement to the front. The result is rolled forward shoulders, rounded backs, weak backsides, and hopefully not, but possibly shoulder injuries. Take it upon yourself to strengthen your lats to pull those shoulders back, stand tall and keep your glutes strong. The best time to do this is the off season or winter season, and the best part about winter is SNOW! Screenshot_2018-02-19-15-59-39-01Use it to your advantage to work your backside. Skateskiing is possibly the number one exercise you can do to strengthen your lats and your glutes, especially glute medius which have a tendency to weaken with all our forward movement which can create havoc on your running. With the recent snow fall this is a perfect time to get off your trainer and get outside for some snow fun, fresh air and work that back side. Of course don’t forget to take your F2C Nutrition along with you!



Sarah McMillan resides in Penticton, BC with a strong addiction to Xterra Triathlon and IMG_20180116_082730_418holds our current AG World Champion spot in the ITU Cross Triathlon (W45-49)

Instagram: @sarahmactri


Author: All Things F2C

F2C is an athlete focused, science driven sports nutrition company. Providing clean, high quality, Informed Sport Certified sports nutrition to athletes.

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